Her topics range from mommy wine culture to being a high-functioning alcoholic. Her 137 episodes have touched and changed the lives of listeners around the world. Many still connect with her and her work after years of no longer producing new content. Shane Ramer created That Sober Guy podcast in 2015, a year into his recovery from a 17 year battle with drugs and alcohol. Shane shares his experience and invites guests on to share their journey with listeners.

This podcast, which is one of the more real sobriety podcasts, helps individuals feel understood and like they really aren’t the only ones in the room. Her episodes range from how to survive anxiety to becoming sober. The podcast connects people by reminding us that although we are all different, many times, we face the same challenges. After trying to get sober for nearly 10 years, Jessica Jeboult is now a Sober Girl. Each week on her podcast, Jessica has honest conversations with guests about mental health, self-development, wellness and spirituality, discussing how they influence each guest’s unique recovery journey. Inspired by her own recovery and wellness journey, Jessica’s mission is to provide listeners with the tools, guidance and motivation to help them navigate through their recovery and personal growth.

A Podcast Greater Than Yourself

Your ongoing battle with sobriety is a varied, complicated journey. Some days, it’s easy – other days, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal to stay focused and clean. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking.

  • They cover a wide range of recovery-related topics such as forgiveness, relationships, and anxiety, which provides insightful tips on how to stay sober throughout a variety of circumstances.
  • Sobertown is ranked #2 worldwide in Sobriety Podcasts, helping everyone start or maintain their sobriety worldwide.

For instance, a recent episode talks about the “joy of missing out” and how that can be one of the most powerful forces in recovery. Other highlights include the mindset of sobriety, the calories of alcohol and how normal drinkers view addiction. Another popular recovery podcast that has upward of 200 episodes is Recovery Elevator. sober house In this one, each episode focuses on a particular aspect in recovery. Recovery Elevator emphasizes how to overcome difficult parts of sobriety while also making room for the good parts. They have different perspectives, of course, but also find much in common—and you’ll find much in common with them as you listen.

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Knowing that there are others sharing similar experiences and offering unique advice can help you take a look at yourself with fresh eyes. Podcasts are great resource to provide a sense of connection and the hope needed to live a life in recovery. At Herren Wellness our guests are introduced to multiple resources, strategies and tools to live healthy, authentic and substance-free lives. That’s the question being asked by host Alyson Premo, the founder of Sober Mom Tribe and the Sober Mom Coach.