What if I have another question?2020-07-16T14:22:09+01:00

Contact us and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

What if I have a complaint?2020-07-16T14:21:41+01:00

We hope that will never happen. However if you are unhappy or concerned with any aspect of our service please email or call us direct. Your ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms are always welcome and acknowledged.

What about Pets?2020-07-16T14:20:43+01:00

Sorry no pets can be eaten either!
Seriously, sorry no pets, for the same reasons as above.

Can children eat or drink in the car?2020-07-16T14:20:08+01:00

Sorry no. (exc water)
Our cars pick up many children some of whom may have serious food allergies, we cannot put their possible well being at risk.

How many children can you carry?2020-07-16T14:19:38+01:00

Our vehicles are licensed to carry six passengers. Occupancy levels however are determined by safety considerations.  Age, weight, height and car seat requirements are all taken into account before any booking is made.

What if I’m late?2020-07-16T14:19:01+01:00

As above, in a perfect world…..
If you are running late, let us know, keep us informed. We allow for some flexibility in our schedules so a few minutes here or there are fine.
Any longer can cause us problems so it is important that we know how long you will be. Thanks.

What if you are late?2020-07-16T14:17:55+01:00

In a perfect world we would always be in place and on time. Our advance bookings system means we should always be on time.
Occasionally however the fates will conspire and we will be delayed when this happens we will always advise you and keep you informed.

Can I travel with my child under my arms?2020-07-16T14:17:19+01:00

No. Under no circumstances do we allow this. Appropriate seats or restraints are in the cars and must be used. We do not compromise on safety.

What is your chaperone service?2020-07-16T14:16:36+01:00

We offer this service as an optional extra. Young or vulnerable children can be escorted on the journey by one of our trained chaperones/escorts.

Will you wait until my child is safely inside?2020-07-16T14:15:57+01:00

Yes, ALWAYS. We never leave a child on their own.

How do I know my child has arrived safely?2020-07-16T14:15:19+01:00

We will always text you if requested.

Can my child travel alone?2020-07-16T14:14:35+01:00

Yes of course they can, or if you prefer, our optional chaperone service can be used.

Do I have to Book in Advance?2020-07-16T14:01:45+01:00

Advance booking is required. (Exc Emergency pick ups)
We are not a taxi company and do not supply an on demand service.
Our focus is on safe travel , advance booking means that we can build in flexibility and better match our drivers and chaperones to childrens needs.

What times do you operate?2020-07-16T13:59:18+01:00

Our regular times are Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm.

We try to be as flexible as possible and frequently do operate out with these hours, however advance booking is essential and a small extra charge applies. Please ask if you require our services at any time.
We will always try to help.

Who are you and why should I trust you?2020-07-16T13:59:31+01:00

We urge you to carefully check our site, hopefully we will have given you enough information to explain who we are, what we do and how we operate.
We know that your trust has to be earned, we can only ask that we be given the opportunity to earn that trust.

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